quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

Batman Mini Série

For the first post I would like to present you the Batman mini series.

There are four books in the series, unfortunately I don't have the fourth.

Published in Portugal in 1987 by Editora Abril.

Written and drawn by Frank Miller this series shows a Gotham without Batman.

The style of Frank Miller is unique and very artistic, presenting an adult and mature story.

The city is ruled by gangs filled with street punks fueled by drugs.

Bruce Banner is old and Batman is just a memory of a time that most people don't even remember.
It's the tenth anniversary of the last time Batman has been seen. Bruce Banner is a troubled man, hunted by the other side...the bat in his soul.

The inevitable happens. The Batman returns!

Stronger than ever, deadlier and with a lot of work to do finally the bat signal his seen again.

But the return of Batman he's not consensual. The Gotham's society debates the methods of the caped crusader.

However Batman his back and the bad guys need to take care.

Next post continues with the second book of this spectacular series.

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